About Adventurer Atlas: Unforgettable Travel Experiences

About Adventurer Atlas

Hi! We are Xavi and Paula, two people who are passionate about traveling and learning about the world, and we are the people behind Adventurer Atlas.

Adventurer Atlas was born to help all those travelers that want to organize a trip but do not know how to start. We were you someday and we went crazy from one page to another trying to find a place to read everything we needed to plan our dream trip, unfortunately we couldn’t find a place with everything we needed.

Although some of our trips had been experiences traveling in organized groups, today all our trips are free, organized by us and always, based on an itinerary that we started from scratch, based mainly on information that we read in travel guides and other blogs. This is because we see traveling as something more than just going to a place and seeing all the main sites and falling in the ocasional “touristic traps”. For us, a trip starts as soon as we start designing our rute, where we want to eat, sleep and other amenities.

With this blog we want to fill the gap that we encountered while organizing our trips, we want to create a place where all the information is found from the most basic to the most eccentric things about a country. But not only that, this blog is also an incredible life experience as it allows us to relive the journey through the memories and images we captured.

We think that traveling is like science, the more you travel, the more you notice that you still have a lot to see. 

Thank you so much for reading our content, for trusting us, but most important for traveling with us. 

Xavi and Paula

About Adventurer Atlas Crew

We are a couple that has the luck to be able to visit many countries around the world, our names are Paula and Xavi. We started this blog to share our travel experiences with the world.

We often travel with friends and occasionally with family. The types of travel are quite different depending on the company and familiarity of the crew. This way you will probably find travel guides that fit your travel crew as well. Being able to travel with friends or family is a blessing, and you should adapt your travel plan according to who you are traveling with.

About our Philosophy

philosophy of adventurer atlas

We provide the best information, as it is real, we only post about the places we have been and the things we have done. Our only aim is to help other travelers organize their trips and feel secure from departure.

In this blog you will be able to find information about trips on New York, Poland, Costa Brava, Venice, Turkey, Egypt, etc.

Also we have compiled the best travel tips from all our travels, you will find them in Best Essential Travel Tips: Master Traveling 101.

If you have any question contact us and we will make sure to assess your questions.

About Our Blog

About Adventurer Atlas

This blog provides first hand knowledge about places, what are the must go to places, the best traveling tips for each destination, and the must at all cost avoid tourist traps.

We try at all times to give you the best, without bias information so that you can travel and experience the best that a travel has to offer. We provide our own experiences so you can learn from them and apply them to your own adventures.

Our blog is a combination of a travel diary and a travel guide book. We hope you will enjoy the posts, and get some useful information from them.

Bon voyage!

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